2011 CMA Media Award

WCBA Wins 2011 CMA Media Award for Health Reporting

I'm thrilled to announce that White Coat, Black Art has been selected as winner in the category 'Excellence in Radio Reporting - in depth' for the 2011 Canadian Medical Association Media Awards for Heath Reporting.

We won for our two part series 'Will to Die', a penetrating look at assisted suicide from the point of view of Nagui Morcos, an extraordinarily courageous man with Huntington's disease (HD). In his thought-provoking interview, Nagui reflects on the impacting of watching his own father die of HD, and how that has formed his desire to end his own life at a time of his own choosing, some time in the future.

If you haven't listened to the shows, click on the links below. I would like to take this opportunity to thank producer Kent Hoffman and senior producer Jean Kim for their amazing efforts to bring this show to the air. And I especially want to thank Nagui Morcos for telling his story.